Italian-Argentine photographer and visual artist. Currently resides in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain.

S t u d i e s: 
"Professional Photographer", SENAC Marechal Floriano, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Year 2013.

"Pinhole Course: from the construction of the camera to the photographic act", Ateliê da Imagem, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Year 2014.

"Body Narratives Workshop: The Performance Art", La Regenta Art Center, Year 2016.

“Advanced Digital Photography Course”, ECFI (Canary School of Photography), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Year 2015.

"Of Mirrors And Windows: Telling Stories With Images", artistic photography workshop, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. November 2018.


Main exhibitions:

2021 - "Street Poetry" Series selected for the 7TH 35AWARDS International Catalog.

2020 - Selection "Corpologie II" exibition 2020/2021,OGA Art Gallery, Rome. Italy.

2013 - Selection of the Collective Photographic Exhibition “El Comercio y La Ciudad” SENAC and Foto Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2010 - Collective Exhibition "ScArti in Mostra" Sportello AmbientEnergia, Avellino Province, Napoli, Italy.

2007 - Individual “Revisited Temple” Villa Riso Art Gallery, São Conrado Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2005 - Individual Art Gallery IBEU (Brazil-United States Institute), Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2003 - Collective "10 Years Correios Cultural Center" Commemorative Exhibition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

            Individual “Paintings / Objects”, “Correios” Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

           "Second Impression-Sacred Vestige" Individual Laura Alvim House of Culture, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2002 - "Circular Ruins" Individual Villa Riso Art Gallery, São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

            “Novíssimos” IBEU Art Gallery (Brazil-United States Institute), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2001 - “Ancestrales” Individual Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

            Collective "Villa Maria en la Plástica" at "Palace de Glais", Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1999 - XVII National Painting Salon "Fundación Pro Arte", Provincial Museum of Fine Arts "Emilio Caraffa", Córdoba, Argentina.

1998 - Collective "12 Painters", Museum of Municipal Contemporary Art of Cuzco, Peru.

            VIII "Austere Art" Hall, CID Art Gallery, Córdoba, Argentina.

            X Provincial Painting Salon "Domingo José Martinez", Municipal Culture Center, Villa Maria, Córdoba, Argentina.

1997 - XVI National Salon of Painting "Pro Arte" Foundation, "Emilio Caraffa" Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Córdoba, Argentina.

           7th CID'97 Biennial of "Austere Art", CID Gallery, Córdoba, Argentina.

1996 - Collective "Self-portraits", APAC (Associated Artists of Córdoba), Alianza Francesa Art Gallery, Córdoba, Argentina.

           "Memory for Human Rights" Hall, "Emilio Caraffa" Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Córdoba. Argentina.


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