Tanneries [Marrakech]

Series taken in the Tanneries of Marrakech, in Morocco, it is also known by the name of "Tanneries". It is a work that has remained intact since medieval times and continues to be worked with the same methodology as before. Men who have this exhausting and slave job do not usually live too long due to continuous contact with acids, toxic dyes and animal droppings that They act as transforming agents of the leather, which reach us consumers, as beautiful bags, wallets, shoes and coats made of soft leather. These men are outcasts socially because this is considered a humiliating and undignified job. They, without a better option, leave their life to get daily support for their families... and also their dreams!

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6th 35 AWARDS 2020

"A Hard Day's Work at The Tanneries"


Certificate for participation in the 6TH Annual International Photography Contest 35AWARDS. According to the results of voting 1 of 23 single photos and 1 of 6 series photos submitted by the author reached the third phase. Only 3797 people has reached the third stage (shortlist). Based on the ranking for the 3 best photos, the author entered in TOP 4% photographer in nomination "Conceptual photo" (20065 uploaded photo), TOP 4% photographer in nomination "Street photo" (22407 uploaded photo). Total participation has taken 123418 people from 173 countries. A total of 444 thousand photos have been submitted.

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